Welcome to CV. Kencana Bunga Indonesia where producing the famous Indonesian false eyelashes has become our tradition and speciality.

When having the best quality and getting the most competitive price have become your goal in buying false eyelashes, you have come to the right place. Set in a rural area in Purbalingga, Central Java, Indonesia, CV. Kencana Bunga Indonesia is the best false eyelash manufacturer that can offer you with the best products and with an affordable price. Moreover, we always provide our customers with the best quality and giving 100% our focus to each of our customers.

As it is stated in our motto, appreciating beauty through providing quality and speciality, we produce our products with great details of art. Indeed, we consider producing false eyelashes as art cause we make them 100% by hand, from the complicated process of netting, the well measured process of rolling, till the heedful process of trimming are carefully crafted by hands. As for the guarentee, our quality control department works cautiously attentive to check and review whether the products we produce meet the standards or still need to be remade. This is how we build our quality and speciality!

Wait no more cause we believe that we are very competitive in price yet we can assure you that you will get the best products from us!

Motto: 'appreciating beauty through providing quality and speciality.'

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